The drill was a most significant show of a Civil Defense Exercise ever done in the background. Russians know that a substantial percentage of the civilians could be sheltered and protected from bunkers however powerful the atomic attack is! What does this signify? The relations between Russia and the US have attained to a country that remind us of a Cold-War age when a nuclear war always seemed an immediate possibility. So we’re back to square one. While the older nuclear bomb fallout shelters of the’50s and’60s in the usa are technologically redundant, the US government hasn’t done anything on constructing modern nuclear bunkers to protect its civilian population. Why?

Because the institution buys the concept that the whole human race will go extinct after a nuclear war. The Nuclear Winter theory has caught the mind of the scientists, the think tanks and the US authorities all alike. In fact, the concept is a huge hoax. The theory maintains that the detonation of a great number of atomic bombs will produce as much smoke and smut that it would block sunlight radiation reaching earth resulting to a complete annihilation of human race along with other living species from this planet. Surprisingly, he never did any active research on the topic of nuclear winter nor was he directly involved in building the units or conducting the simulations. They made everybody in the US to think that nuclear war could bring an end to the human race. Sagan visualized the world would come to an end after a nuclear war and for that reason, advised against any civil defense program to be set up.

The Russians, the Swiss, the Chinese and lots of others do not seem to have endorsed the concept of nuclear winter. That’s the reason they are bunker-ready, but the US isn’t. Wein, Choi and Denuit argue that if a large percentage of individuals should be rescued from ground-level detonation from the Washington, DC – or for that matter in any other city then sheltering is a much better strategy than evacuation. Evacuating people to a distant place away from the affected region would be technically not a viable preposition due to the severe radiation effects in the areas after the atomic blast. The only safe way is going to be that individuals travel to nearby bunkers as rapidly as possible without wasting much time as exposure to radiation for a longer time would reduce the survival rates or create health problems in due course of time.

In accordance with the US intelligence report, Russia is growing a great number of underground command bunkers. A CIA report says that the underground structure is a lot bigger in area than previously supposed. The threat of nuclear attack is currently not only from Russia but from a number of other quarters too. Following 9/11, a nuclear attack by terrorists can’t be ruled out entirely. The bulk of the US people are completely unaware of the consequences; the US government hasn’t planned or done anything to protect the common people from an impending nuclear radiation hazard. The only way people can endure from nuclear attacks is the self-evacuation to a shelter nearby as promptly as possible – specifically constructed to protect them from radiation effects.

A lot of myths prevail among the people, particularly in the US concerning the devastating effects of Animal Removal. One of those myths is that nuclear radiation will last for such a long time that individuals will need to stay in shelter for a year or longer. To stay in bunkers for this a long time isn’t feasible, and for that reason, there isn’t any point in building bunkers. It’s been estimated that when the radiation dose rate is 1000R/hour per minute following a burst, it is going to take just two weeks to the radiation dose to come down to the amount of 1R/hr. A number of other factors of weather like rain will reduce the dose rate even further. This simple fact establishes the many people can come out of the shelters and proceed outdoors safely after two weeks and start their daily activities.

Only Hope In a Nuclear Attack, Find a Fallout Shelter

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